I am an intuitive person and I apply this gift of intuition to my work as a coach. I am able to intuit the issues that are hidden deeply within people’s psyche and bring them to the forefront. However, everything I experienced as a coach taught me that coaching and healing can only take place when I work in harmony with my client. Unless the client is ready to uncover her or his dark places into the open, no amount of coaching interventions can be successful. It is the get-together of my clients’ readiness and willingness to put her or his trust in me, and my skill and intuition as a coach that bring about THE RADICAL TRANSFORMATION.

Four months and nine sessions later I felt like a different person. Eva is a beam of light, so brilliantly able to focus, not necessarily on what I want to deal with but what needs to be dealt with. She is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met, and one of the most patient. And compassionate. [Meg W, 2018]

Sometimes the client may feel ready or think that they are ready, but that may not translate into the willingness to radically transform their lives and heal the places of hurt. Sometimes it is small steps that are required over a long period of time to bring you to that place where the change is awaiting for you.

If you are not ready for that radical transformation NOW, I will be happy to support your journey until our joint willingness, tender but sustained push forward and trust will result in the realization of the critical break-through. I am grateful and honored to see you here and I hope you will choose me for your coach and partner on this joint journey of discovery. The adventure of your life awaits. Reach out and we can embark on it together.

Meeting with Eva Dalak or what I like to call “The Dalak Method”, was a whole new way for me to approach what a therapy session could look like or what healing could feel like. I refuse to describe myself as completely “transformed” or “complete.” I do not know if I fully believe that I could say that about myself or any other human being living in their human experience. I, however, would definitely describe my experience with Eva and her method as transformational and I feel more grounded than ever before in my 32 years of existence. Do I fully give credit to Eva for this immense progression? No, she would never allow that anyway. I know it was me being ready for Eva just as much as she was ready to hold and facilitate my experience and or my personal work. It felt like therapy 2.0, for the experienced mindful student. [ Joanna B, May 2016]