Meg W, 2018

I recently finished a 9-week course with Eva and I must confess, as much as I liked her at the beginning and thought she was a fantastic coach, I could not have imagined the depth of growth that I would undergo. Of course, I had a big pit to climb out of. Just months before meeting Eva I lost my precious 26 year-old daughter to cancer and I was in a dark, difficult place. I thought no one could help me. I told myself that no one wants to hear the anger that is going to come out of me. No one will want to deal with the depression and deep sadness that is now my world. No one will take my shit and hang around long enough to see me through to the other side. And, certainly no one can make me laugh again.

4 months and 9 sessions later I felt like a different person. Eva is a beam of light, so brilliantly able to focus, not necessarily on what I want to deal with but what needs to be dealt with. She is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met, and one of the most patient. And compassionate.

The first half of our time focused on getting me back to the land of the living, dealing with my deep fear and doubt and ridding me of many of the physical symptoms of my recent trauma. The second half was focused on LIFE. Once I wanted to live again and I was beginning to see that the sky really was a beautiful blue underneath the dark clouds, what did I want to do with myself? How will I choose to create my life from this point on?

I cannot encourage you enough to sit down with Eva and explore the deep recesses of your heart, whether your desire to do so comes from pain as mine did or just to awaken the power with in you, I can assure you it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Joanna B, May 2016

Before knowing Eva or what I like to call the “Dalak method”, I still struggled with many internalized conflicts, such as impetuously cunning, false beliefs; irreplaceable unfortunate relationship patterns, unhealthy attachment styles and family baggage that I did not know how to fully release.

Meeting with Eva Dalak and the Dalak method, it was a whole new way for me to approach what a therapy session could look like or what healing could feel like. I refuse to describe myself as completely “transformed” or “complete.” I do not know if I fully believe that I could say that about myself or any other human being living in their human experience. I, however, would definitely describe my experience with Eva and her method as transformational and I do feel more grounded than ever before in my 32 years of existence. Do I fully give credit to Eva for this immense progression? No, she would never allow that anyway. I know it was me being ready for Eva just as much as she was ready to hold and facilitate my experience and or my personal work. It felt like therapy 2.0, for the experienced mindful student.

One thing about Eva one needs to understand is that she expresses more transparency than any coach or therapist I have encountered. Some boundaries that I so appreciated and wish many more facilitators or therapists would utilize within their own practice are: personal accountability, willingness for vulnerability, having a strong insight on ones’ own personal objective – such as: what do I want to get out of this? These are just some of her requests.

Her sessions require a knowing that these sessions with her are not permanent, that there will be an end date. One thing I remember her saying during our first meeting is that she normally offers 9 sessions as a start, and possibly the whole of what she can offer. “If there has been no change or progress with someone I am working with by the ninth session, why would I want to continue to waste their time or vice versa? The purpose of this is to help heal and I may not always be the right person for the person who comes through my doors.”