Betrayal Amongst Women

Betrayal amongst women?! What about it? What happened to women empowerment?

I actually think this is the number one stop for women’s empowerment. Unless we address these dark spots that are kept hidden and covered up, we as women won’t be able to be truly in support of each other and in the fullness of our power.

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I believe, and from personal experience and exploration that we do betray each other and ourselves. I have experienced this betrayal, and it opened up a journey of questioning and listening.For me I didn’t heal that until I understood, to the depth of my bones, that  I BETRAYED MYSELF , again and again,

when I say yes when I want to say no.

When I smile when I want to cry.

When I stay when I want to leave.

When I hold on when I want to drop.

When I turn my head instead of looking straight and saying what I truly believe in, what I truly stand for, what I truly think.


Yes sisterhood is REAL, can be real, only if we sit together in the darkness, and hold hands.

I am privileged to have a tribe of sisters around the world and here in Costa Rica , that I support and that support me… I enjoy co-creating with them, playing and crying, holding hands, and holding space. And diving to the depth of our being, to the depth of our shadows and not being afraid of the darkness, not being afraid of not being loved, approved, or acknowledged. And yet the feeling of support, only came once I was able to support myself. Again and again. Same story. It never changes. It comes from within!

You can click here to hear me talk about this. This is the essence of my journey and of my offerings.

And it is from this journey, this understanding that I co-create with other women. Powerful women who stand in the fullness of their being.  I am honoured to be hosting with  Guzel Gjenasaj  our upcoming women ONLY DIVE DEEP RETREAT here in Costa Rica in May.


We will be exploring with 9 women, the DEPTH of our BEING.

Our way of nurturing our self without food.

How we self care and how we care for the other.

How we betrayed ourselves and how we betrayed each other.

How we support ourselves and how we support each other.

What comes first and what is replaced.

For more information for this or other retreats please click here.





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