Women’s Empowerment

When I was born, I heard the story of how my grandfather arrived to the hospital with a bouquet of flowers, overjoyed at the thought of having a new grandson. When he arrived and saw me, I have been told he threw down the flowers and declared, “you woke me up for a girl?”

Thus, my advocacy for women’s empowerment began.


This set the tone for me for the rest of my life — WHY is it that because I’m a girl, this should determine what I can and cannot do?

For me, working on women’s issues and women’s empowerment is not work.

This is my life’s purpose.

I believe part of my mission in this lifetime is to empower women to recognize their own worth and take back their power over their body and their decisions. I am here to tell women: Whatever you decide to do with your body is your own choice.

Most women are not aware of that. They have been sucked into this patriarchal culture, believing they are second class citizens, and that they are not worthy.


On the contrast, there are the other women who lie at the opposite end of the spectrum, who believe, “YES we are powerful. We are more than men.” This isn’t right either. It isn’t about us being “better” than men, it is about finding the balance between these two extremes.

Where we want to arrive is equality – where we find we are equal with men.

It’s about ALL of us, living from the full potential of who we are.

To view the entire video, you can watch my YouTube channel here

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