The Real Wonder Woman Challenge: Day 9

Claudine Maes

My therapist, my friend and a Real Wonder Woman

I met Claudine when I was living in Brussels 17 years ago, and I had my young brother Abed visiting me for several months. I booked him a bodywork session with her upon recommendation of another friend, France Dubois. When I dropped him for the appointment, she looked at me with a smile saying “When you book a session for someone else, it means you need it.” And, it was so true at the time, but I couldn’t see it.

A year later, I booked a bodywork session for myself and her sentence after our session “You are cut from your true being” found a deep echo in me and a desire to explore more. That was the start of a deep soul-searching therapy with her that over the years turned into a beautiful deep friendship.

As a friend and a soul sister, Claudine inspires me with her teachings and learnings, constantly seeking to evolve, grow, and support.

Claudine offered me a range of personal development tools, from bodywork with sounds and vibrations from Tibetan bowls, coaching, guided interaction with horses, and most of all – full presence and heart-centered listening to deepen, readjust, harmonies within to be able to take action in the here and now. With an intense work and travel schedule, Claudine became my one stopover to breath, relax and let go. Claudine taught me how to connect to myself, my soul and soften deeper in my self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion. Claudine has been instrumental with her coaching and personal development based, among other things, in the way things overlap, both in our inner reality and in the way our external world materializes. She provided precious help needed to open me to my own potential.

Whenever I am in doubt or in a crisis, Claudine is the first person I call to help me explore the shadow that I am unable to see. As a friend and a soul sister, she inspires me with her teachings and learnings, constantly seeking to evolve, grow, and support. She also taught me how to put healthy boundaries between therapy and friendship. This became a very useful skill for when my coaching clients turn into my friends as the connection deepens, or when my friends become my clients as issues arise for them and we need to define which hats we are using.

Most of all, I feel Claudine’s deep love and support for me as a friend and a sister, every step I take, and regardless of where I am in the world. I am so grateful for our deep connection and mutual support for each other.

I love you, Claudine!

If you wish to find out more about Claudine’s work, please visit her website at

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