The Real Wonder Woman Challenge: Day 22

Sukhdev Jackson

My soul sister, my friend and a Real Wonder Woman

Sukhdev was born Pauline Drossart in Brussels, Belgium but moved to London at 11 years old, and then to Los Angeles as a young woman. She is a musician, Kundalini Yoga teacher and a life coach.

We met in Topanga. We were both pregnant at the time and we connected deeply on our pregnancy journey, our Brussels connection and the hankering for the rich, nutritious Belgian food.

Sukhdev is omnipresent with me as her sacred music accompany me in all my travels.

We spent a lot of time together in hikes, deep conversations, sharing wishes and concerns in the journey to motherhood. Sukdev taught me the grace of being present with my pregnancy. She also shared many practical Kundalini teachings that were vital for me at the time. She taught me how to regain my power by connecting to my body and my emotions from a different perspective, and how to transcend my limiting beliefs. With her sacred music and chanting, she taught me how to be present with my grief within and without when my dad passed away.

She is omnipresent with me as her sacred music accompany me in all my travels. She inspires me with her devotion to her music and her family, her incredible ability to hold space and share vulnerably where she is at, and her beautiful teachings dedicated to raising women’s Shakti energy and power.

I love you, Suki!

To know more about Sukhdev visit
To check the marvellous music she makes with her husband go to and to learn more about her Shakti School check out

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