The Real Wonder Woman Challenge: Day 30


Who are a Real Wonder Woman

Today, the Real Wonder Woman Challenge comes to its end. Over the past 29 days, I celebrated women in my life, each inspiring me, teaching me, carrying me, supporting me on my life’s journey. All the women that were honored and celebrated during this Challenge were my mirror, as I was theirs, each in turn showing the other that which we were not ready to see and could only see it when reflected in the other.

Today is the final day of the Real Wonder Woman Challenge and for today the person that we are honoring and that we are celebrating is you. Today, I want for each of you to look into the mirror and see what it reflects: a Real Wonder Woman valiantly fighting the battles of her own, those of her loved ones and those of innumerable persons who she may not even know but whose lives she touched. This mirror is reflecting who you truly are in your essence: the Amazon, the Queen, the Maiden, the Lover, the Mother, the Witch, the Angel, the Demon, the Goddess…

Today, I wish for you, my dear reader, to consider how vitally important you are in the lives of women who surround you, your sisters-in-arms, and that each day the decisions you make, the words you say, the actions you take might build up the spirit of another person, making you the heroine of their lives. Support each other, love each other and let’s all proudly carry the flag of our female power.

I love you and carry you in my heart!

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