Look back at the 30 days of The Real Wonder Woman Challenge

When Eva read about a study positing that women thrive in the workplace when supported by other women, for her it was a self-evident fact. “Everyone thrives when supported!” thought she. But when she shared the study findings with her female friends, she was up for a surprise. The prevailing opinion was that women are more likely to betray one another, then to provide support. In that narrative women were competitive, envious and backstabbing.

Eva took it as a challenge: what would it look like if women publicly honored and supported one another. That’s how The Real Wonder Woman Challenge was born. Through her social media, Eva pledged to spend a month of January 2020 celebrating real women in her life, who supported, inspired and guided her. She also invited her readers to follow suit.

“The idea was to show how we can support each other but also that we already are supporting each other though we might not be articulating it or acknowledging it is such,”said Eva.

At the end of the 30 days, she sat down with Laura Catone – a Real Wonder Woman herself – to look back at the Challenge and consider how it enriched her life.

“[The Challenge] was about celebrating my path, also the challenges that I went through and who stood by me in those moments. That was the key element for me to share,” Eva explained. “The best lesson I learned in this process is the humbling experience of recognizing that we are all reflections of each other,” she said and concluded: “I am humbled and grateful when I see how many amazing women I have in my life.”

To wrap up the Challenge, Eva will share an e-book of all her posts and entries by the Challenge participants on the occasion of the International Women’s Day on 8 March 2020. The book will also be available on her website.

You can check all Eva’s Real Wonder Woman Challenge posts here on her blog, her Facebook account, and her Instagram account @ayamor9.

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