Hotel Aguas Claras
Playa Chiquita, 750036 Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica
April 05-07, 2019

How would it feel to live in your highest potential?
In the full embodiment of your power?
This is an invitation to explore what that would mean in concrete and practical terms.

The sun doesn’t ask: “Shall I shine tomorrow?”
The ocean doesn’t ask: “Do i have enough water?”
The tree doesn’t ask: “Should I keep on growing?”
Why then do humans ask:
Am I enough?
Can I grow?
What should I do?

Our program includes:
❉ Beneficial physical activities in the jungle.
❉ Four Elements Meditation.
❉ Sessions exploring our Space, Pace and Place as women in our family, our work environment and society in general.

Fly High Retreat

Workshop fees for 3-day retreat at Hotel Aguas Claras in Costa Rica. Accommodation is arranged in shared double rooms with bath and it is to be paid directly to the hotel [$290 for two overnights, incl. breakfast].