Do you feel lost or stuck?
Do you have issues with forgiving yourself or others, or have trouble letting go?
Are you heartbroken?
Are you depressed or do you have hard time taking care of yourself?
Do you feel too much or not enough?
Did you forget how to dream?
Do you have issues around food?
Do you feel misunderstood and/or alone?
Do you have relationship triggers?
Do you have pain in your body?

If you replied “Yes” to any of these questions then Radical Transformation is YOUR program.

Radical Transformation Coaching is a specific coaching program designed for individuals ready to radically transform their life and fly to their highest potential with no excuses.

My approach combines intuition and analytical skills. I offer guidance on surpassing blocks and gaining greater clarity and inner peace while providing strategic coaching that allows clients to establish a sustainable and self-reliant practice for themselves.

The coaching process will enable you to establish a sustainable and self-reliant practice for yourself at all levels [emotional, mental, spiritual and physical]. Ultimately, this process will empower you to connect to your inner joy and be passionate about your life projects.

The entire program takes place online via internet video meeting application Zoom (www.zoom.us). Before each session I send out an invite and all you need to do is to click on the link in your email to meet me in a private meeting room online.

We begin by defining the parameters for your customized program based on the GROW Model:
Goal you are looking to achieve.
Reality as it is in the present.
Obstacles preventing you from realizing your heart’s desire.
Will that needs to be at your service and focused, so you are not in competing intentions.

I will provide guidance and support so you may attain greater inner peace and be fully engaged in your life purpose. At the end of the program, you will come away with practical tools that you will be able to apply daily in your professional and personal life.