I am honored to present these offerings in the hope that I can serve you on your path of self-exploration and realization. Please, do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information you may require.

Individual coaching

60-minutes coaching session by appointment


Radical transformation

This is a coaching program specifically designed to assist individuals to radically transform their lives.

9-session program


Cleanse & Detox

This offering combines a dietary program and beneficial physical activities, such as yoga, water bathing, sun bathing, sweating in infra-red sauna, and raw cacao.

3-day Cleanse & Detox


7-day Cleanse & Detox


21-day Cleanse & Detox


Cacao ceremony

Cacao ceremony is offered for groups of up to 25 persons. Duration is two hours and the price is per person

Cacao ceremony (price per person)


Eva has the rare and precious ability to translate vague concepts of spiritual growing into day-to-day, concrete, pragmatic and “user friendly” practice. She gently took me out of my comfort zone, even when there was resistance to see myself from a different angle. It was a difficult, but deliciously joyful and pleasant work. All my gratitude for Eva!

Joanna B.