Gender Expert / Senior Trainer / Facilitator

Between January 2006 and July 2008 I was engaged in a number of short-term consultancies:

  • EC/ Particip GmbH: Provided consultancy to the EuropeAid Gender Helpdesk: Preparation of gender training and support materials for the EU delegation in Vanuatu.
  • EC/FEMCONSULT: Evaluation of EU Concept Notes and Call for Proposals, logical framework and projects proposals, various budget line HSD, EIDHR.
  • EPLO: Delivery of one-day training on gender mainstreaming and tools for gender sensitive policy development.
  • EC/ASTRAL: Design and delivery of a training for EU Monitors and evaluators on cross-fertilization communication, focusing on effective communication skills and how to deal with conflict and stress.
  • UNDP Kosovo: Analysis and report on issues and challenges of youth-related programming implemented by UNDP Country Office in Kosovo.
  • IRC Congo: Designed and delivered Facilitation, Mediation and Conflict Analysis training for 85 local Community Development Facilitators and Territory Supervisors in a Community Driven Reconstruction Program in DR Congo.
  • Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna: Designed and delivered conflict analysis and conflict prevention workshops, trained participants in facilitation, negotiation and mediation skills. Designed capacity building projects on third-party intervention.

Featured image by: Arnel Hasanovic

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