The Real Wonder Women 100-Day Challenge

Recently I had conversations with some of my female friends in Puerto Viejo, where I live, and with a former colleague at the UN about sisterhood and how women support each other.

There’s a study that just got published about how women thrive with support (to check reference) and I was, like: Duh! All people, women and men, thrive with support. As humans what we seek and where we thrive is when we are supported, connected and appreciated.

However, when I shared this with the women I know, most of them said that, in their experience, women don’t support each other. They betray each other, they are jealous, envious etc.

I know that there are women betraying other women, but when this happens it is because the woman had betrayed herself already. I deeply believe that the state of the world and the reason why we live in so much separation is because we separated from our own innate loving nature and our mother nature.

So, here’s what I decided to do: I invite you to a 100 days challenge to name and acknowledge women in your everyday life that inspire you, support you, love you, hold you. These should be real women that you know and connect with and not someone famous that inspires you.

I invite you to name them and describe your relationship with them, in what way they inspired you, what they taught you or how they guided you. They might not even know they have inspired you or touched your life. Maybe some of these lessons and/or guidance wasn’t necessariy articulated. Possibly some may not even been intented, yet that is what you gained from your encounters with these women.

Each post should describe one of these Real Wonder Women. Now is the time to be vulnerable and authentic. Share from your heart and from your center.

Let’s get these illusions of our separation from each other out of the way and see how connected we are to each other and how supportive we can be. Starting tomorrow and for the 99 subsequent days I will post each day the name and the story of one woman that touched my life. I invite you to do the same and include the tag #realwonderwoman in your post.