Give your intention your full attention

Tapping into creativity allows a person to transcend perceived limitations, perform at a higher level, and attain greater life satisfaction.

Creativity channels conflict energy toward new realities bringing a sense of well-being and peace. I am happy to support you in overcoming your most profound patterns, expressing your greatest talents and abilities and find deeper meaning and purpose in your life.

What I do

Life coaching
I provide coaching for individuals ready to transform the way they deal with their life. I offer guidance on surpassing blocks and gaining greater clarity and inner peace while delivering strategic coaching that allows clients to establish a sustainable and self-reliant practice for themselves.
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Training and facilitation
I combine my background and education, as well as practical experience in various cultural settings in Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Asia, to design workshops on transformative leadership, efficient cross-cultural communication, Gender Mainstreaming and conflict transformation.
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Consulting practice
I have 18 years of experience working in international development on issues related to gender mainstreaming, gender analysis, peacebuilding and conflict transformation. I work with the United Nations, the European Union, and various international NGOs.
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